The Best Spas in the World Trust Blissful MindSpa Shirodhara System as Their Equipment of Choice

Most of our clients find out about Blissful MindSpa shirodhara equipment from word of mouth .  Since 2012 and hundreds of units sold around the world, we have relied on happy customers to spread the word.  Thank you!
SANAE, the luxurious state-of-the-Art spa in Switzerland opens its doors in Geneva.  The Blissful MindSpa Automatic Shirodhara is featured as one of the therapies in their personalized approach to achieve health in body and mind among their guests.


“Ana, I just wanted to tell you how much I love my Blissful MindSpa shirodhara! Thank you so much!”

Natasha B, Ayurvedic Therapists, CMT, CRT, AWC, CPKT, San Jose, CA

 AUTOMATIC SHIRODHARA Fromt ImageThe finest Shirodhara equipment

“Out of all the Shirodhara equipments that are out there, the Blissful MindSpa is absolutely the finest I have found. Three years later it is running like the first day.”

Monica M, Spa Owner, Ayurvedic Practitioner.

The best investment!

“The Blissful MindSpa shirodhara equipment is absolutely beautiful and works perfectly and so quietly!!  I have no doubt this will be one of my best investments.  Thank you!”

Keri M. CAP, E-RYT, AI

We love our new shirodhara machine!

“We have now officially opened our newest spa and used our beautiful Blissful MindSpa shirodhara machine!  It is lovely and we love our new machine!  Thank you so much.”

Charity G., Spa Director, Boulder, CO

Can’t imagine using any other shirodhara equipment

“Looking back, I can’t imagine how we ever did shirodhara manually.  All that mess, noise, and inconsistency of oil warmth and flow. Using the Blissful MindSpa Automatic shirodhara equipment has made giving this treatment a blissful joy–for both, our spa guests and my spa therapists.  Thank you so much for un-complicating shirodhara and making this flawless spa equipment. I can’t imagine using any other shirodhara equipment at my spa.”

W. S. Spa Director, New York, NY

Simply love it! 

“I love the constant temperature and constant flow of oil.   The oil recycling and being reused saves so much on oil.  The design of the Blissful MindSpa is beautiful.  I simply love it!”

Helen M., Ayurvedic Practitioner, Los Angeles, CA

 A blissful experience 🙂

“Wow, it is so quiet!  So aesthetically pleasing and not cumbersome.  I especially like the built-in thermometer.” 

Kathy J., Ayurvedic Practitioner, Santa Cruz, CA


“The Blissful MindSpa automatic shirodhara is the nearest thing to the traditional manual shirodhara equipment.”

V.K. Ayurvedic Dr., Orange County, CA

The Blissful MindSpa Shirodhara is a custom-made product and price depends on a few factors.
Contact us to get exact pricing. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.