Shirodhara: A Personal Journey

This is my own personal journey that inspired me to create the Blissful MindSpa Automatic Shirodhara.

Ana Luque, creator of Blissful MindSpa

A few years ago I was in a terrible car accident. I lost consciousness from a head concussion and my body was injured.

Following months of various modalities of therapy– physical, acupuncture, massage, neurological– I felt little progress. My back, shoulders, neck and head were in tremendous pain, I became forgetful, had a restless mind, anxiety, migraine headaches, and suffered from insomnia and fear…

A friend suggested shirodhara. I had never heard about this therapy before, while Ayurveda was a mysterious word.

However, I did follow my friend’s advise and got a 14-day treatment of shirodhara with a most loving and caring Ayurvedic therapist.

With each session, every symptom began to dissipate and melt away:  my mind became quiet, my memory came back, I began to sleep like a baby again and the fears disappeared.

“What is this magical therapy that had given me my life back in just 14 days? What is Ayurveda?”  I wondered.  I became curious to find out more, and in the ensuing years I committed to studying Ayurveda.

During those 14 days receiving shirodhara I experienced my life transform, and had a vision to create the Blissful MindSpa Shirodhara to bring healing to the world.  Indeed, my third eye was opened!

Today, the Blissful MindSpa shirodhara equipment is changing the lives of many around the globe with its powerful healing properties.

Meanwhile, with each Blissful MindSpa shirodhara sold, we ensure college education for young women living in remote villages nestled in the breathtaking rain forests of Costa Rica.

Thank you for your time to read my story.

Love, peace and bliss,

Ana Luque

Creator of Blissful MindSpa Shirodhara

Handcrafted in California, USA