How do we compare to other shirodhara equipments?

We are frequently asked to compare our equipment to our competition.  Here is a list for your convenience.

At Blissful MindSpa Shirodhara we make our patented shirodhara equipment at our facilities in Los Angeles, CA.  The Blissful MindSpa shirodhara was conceptualized, designed and engineered by the founder Ana Luque and her team of engineers and artisans.  We are the only shirodhara company with a patent for our innovative design  (Patent No. US D771,268 S.)
We have the most competitive price of any automatic shirodhara in the marketplace. With cheaper make-do versions you get what you pay for. They are noisy, messy and unstable. The more expensive ones do not compare to the high quality of the Blissful MindSpa shirodhara. Our equipment is solid, made with high-grade antiseptic copper (not rubber, stainless steel and low-grade copper), has a luxurious look and feel, and it is the most reliable and hygienic.
The Blissful MindSpa automatic shirodhara is completely made in-house.  All the copper pieces are hand crafted for us of the highest quality copper by artisans.
Other shirodhara equipments use generic inexpensive non-copper parts.  For example, one company uses a common kitchen stainless steel mixing bowl as their draining bowl. Our bowl is a beautiful wide hand-hammered copper bowl designed and made for us.  Our shirodhara pot is also high quality copper and made by hand in-house. Other companies use shirodhara pots sold online at low-cost as part of their equipment.  Our oil reservoir is a copper double boiler for the oil to not be in direct contact with the heat source.  Other equipments use aluminum recipients to heat the oil directly. Copper is a metal with many recognized health properties. Ayurveda uses this metal to do shirodhara for obvious reasons. Using anything other than high quality copper for shirodhara therapy is unacceptable.
The Blissful MindSpa shirodhara is extremely hygienic.  You may take all the pieces apart to clean it well.  Other automatic shirodhara systems are sealed, which prevent getting inside to clean it.  This can lead to dirt build up and the pump getting constantly stuck, having to send the equipment back to the manufacturer for maintenance.  This becomes quite costly.  The Blissful MindSpa automatic shirodhara needs no maintenance from us.  We have designed it so that you can do all maintenance yourself.  It is easy and cost-effective.
We have on-going production throughout the year because we are a full-time company.  We ship within two weeks from the time you place your order.  Other companies make only a few units per year and there’s generally a few months waiting time.
We have been in business 5 years, we have never advertised, and most of our sales come from word of mouth. We are the most sold automatic shirodhara equipment in the world.
In terms of reliability and functionality, the Blissful MindSpa shirodhara is the most quiet equipment in the market, it keeps a constant temperature as long as desired without overhearing and the oil flows seamlessly without interruptions. It’s very easy to adjust the hight of the shirodhara depending on the client or therapist’s comfort by simply releasing a knob .  Other shirodhara equipments have a complicated system to adjust hight.  Preventing the therapist to adjust the hight when the person is already laying on the massage table.
Our clients love the sleek look of our shirodhara equipment.  Elegant red mahogany wood, not a single plastic tube showing, beautiful hand hammered copper, well disguised control panel.  We are constantly congratulated for the beautifully designed and engineered automatic shirodhara equipment.