Automatic Shirodhara Equipment

Each Blissful MindSpa automatic shirodhara is handcrafted in small quantities by artisans, maintaining Ayurvedic tradition and craftsmanship. We source our wood from ecological resources to build our shirodhara equipment and we use pure copper without metal alloys–which generally contain toxic metals.
The Blissful MindSpa automatic Shirodhara is the only shirodhara system granted a US patent for its forward innovation and design (Patent No. US D771,268 S.)


Precise, Reliable, Portable, Blissfuly Quiet, Traditional Design


The Blissful MindSpa Shirodhara System fits nicely underneath any massage table and it transports easily.
 Dimensions: 14″x14″x22″ (hight includes casters) –  36x36x56cm
Weight: 40 Lbs – 18Kg
The copper tube height reaches up to 4’9″ – 145cm
Turn around shipping time is four weeks or less for this custom made-per-order product.
Match your Blissful MindSpa shirodhara wood finish with your spa and wellness center wood tone.
We use non-toxic natural oils to enhance the color of the wood.

How to Use the Blissful MindSpa Automatic Shirodhara System

6 Reasons to Get Blissful MindSpa Automatic Shirodhara System

Oil efficiency 
You will only use between 2.5 to 4 cups of oil, depending on the length and thickness of the person’s hair.  32 fl oz (4 cups) of shirodhara oil cost approx. $40.  Manual equipment requires about 64 fl oz of shirodhara oil.  You save $400 using the Blissful MIndSpa in just 10 shirodhara sessions!
Blissfully quiet
Our Italian-engineered operating system runs completely quiet.  You will not even know the equipment is on!
Continuos flow of oil & constant temperature
For shirodhara therapy to deliver maximum health benefits the flow of oil must be administered uninterrupted. While the oil will be kept at the desired temperature throughout the treatment for best therapeutic results.
No mess!
Manual shirodhara can create a big mess from oil spills when transferring oil from the collecting bowl to the shiropot.   Blissful MidSpa Automatic Shirodhara does all the work for you without the mess.  Plus your sheets will remain completely oil-free!
Easy to clean & hygienic
Blissful MindSpa Automatic Shirodhara parts detach for easy cleaning and disinfecting.
Eco-friendly & safe
The materials used to make the Blissful MIndSpa Automatic Shirodhara are food-grade and FDA compliant, as well as environmentally friendly.

Features of Blissful MindSpa Shirodhara System

  • Design  
    Blissful MindSpa shirodhara has a stunning traditional design.  Featured in red mahogany and accented with beautifully detailed hand-hammered copper pieces. Patent No. US D771,268 S
  • Craftsmanship  
    Each Blissful MindSpa shirodhara is one of a kind, handcrafted in the most traditional way by the caring hands of true artisans.
  • Quiet  
    State of the art Italian engineering allows for a blissful experience.
  • Easy to operate  
    Switch 1 turns on heater; switch 2 turns on pump; turn knob controls temperature; on/off light display.
  • Temperature Control  
    Constant temperature throughout the treatment and beyond.
  • Safety  
    Built-in thermostat turns off when desired temperature is reached and back on to maintain constant temperature (+- 1F)
  • Digital thermometer  
    Easy to read in the dark LED red light (°C)
  • Temperature range  
    68-176 F  (high temperature is for effective cleaning).
  • Adjustable hight  
    Sliding copper pipe adjusts shirodhara pot to the desired hight, up to 4’9″
  • Continuity  
    Continued flow of dhara delivers the most effective treatment.
  • Thick flow  
    Works with cotton thread and without.
  • Efficiency  
    Only 1 practitioner needed; the continuos pumping saves on quantity of dhara needed (about 32Oz for long hair.)
  • No aluminum!  No BPA! No led!  
    Heating recipient is made of copper NOT aluminum .  Tubbing is FDA food grade approved, which contains no BPA or other harmful chemicals. We do not use brass in our equipment, which can contain high levels of led and lead to many imbalances.
  • Easy portability  
    Copper pipe is a two-part detachable piece for ease and comfort, while casters allow effortless movement.
  • Hygienic
     All pieces are detachable for easy cleaning to maintain the highest level of hygiene.
  • Warranty 
    1 year warranty on electrical equipment.  100% shipping insured with FedEx.

The Best Spas in the World Trust Blissful MindSpa Shirodhara as Their Equipment of Choice

 SANAE, the luxurious state-of-the-Art spa in Switzerland opens its doors in Geneva.  SANAE offers the top most effective natural treatments requested by spa goers today.  Shirodhara is featured as one of the therapies in their personalized approach to achieve health in body and mind in their guests.


Easy to operate automatic shirodhara system

Easy to operate automatic shirodhara system


Beautifully detailed hand-hamered copper shirdhara pot

Hand-hamered copper shirdhara pot


Automatic Shirodhara System

Blissfuly quiet automatic shirodhara system



Our pricing depends on a few factors due to this being a custom made product.

Call or send us an email to better serve you and give you the best price.

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